Kronos DAO


How to make KREDIT-KLAY LP
1) Clicking KREDIT-KLAY LP - Get LP will open the KLAYswap website which allows you to produce KREDIT-KLAY LP!
2) Check the Security cautions.
3) Then the below screen will show! You can make LP with the following:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
If you have KREDIT and KLAY, click KLAY+KREDIT. If you only have KLAY click KLAY, and if you only have KREDIT, click KREDIT. We recommend method 1(KLAY+KREDIT)!
4) Enter the amount of KLAY/KREDIT you want to make LP. Press 'Deposit'
5) Then Click [Next Step > Confirm]
6) When the pop-up page show on your connected wallet, press 'Confirm'.
7) Click 'Deposit' and you are all done!
8) You can find your transaction from [LP Deposit] in KLAYswap. or To see them, just add them to your wallet using this address 0x6e30ded74a6286c28760e7fbb0fa4f6a90c745b2.