Kronos DAO


Providing Liquidity to the KASH-KSD

Clicking KASH-KSD - Get LP will open the i4i Finance's website which allows you to produce KASH-KSD Liquidity Pool tokens. As KASH is now listed on i4i Finance, the deposit process will be similar to any other stablecoin Metapool available on the exchange!
i4i Finance currently only supports Kaikas, Kilp wallets. (Metamask is impossible!)
First, using the box shown above, enter the amount of coins you want to make into LP tokens! (You can make LP tokens with only one of KASH or KSD.)
After adjusting the values to your desire, double-check and then press the ADD LIQUIDITY button.
Following the completion of all transactions, you should have KASH-KSD LP tokens in your wallet. To see them, just add them to your wallet using this address -> 0x44ACE4b2C239F3A34866bB7e6149E6bA9eb4110E