Kronos DAO


Providing Liquidity to the KASH-3Moon

Clicking KASH-3Moon - Get LP will open the website which allows you to produce KASH-3Moon Liquidity pool tokens. As KASH is now listed on Eklipse, the deposit process will be similar to any other stablecoin Metapool available on the exchange!
Eclipse currently supports Kaikas and Klips wallets. (Metamask is impossible!)
First select the amount of stable coins you want to deposit in the pool using the box displayed above. You can choose to deposit whatever amount and combination of stable coins you desire, as long as you have them in your wallet! (You can make lp as long as you have either KASH, KDAI, KUSDT or KUSDC.)
After you have adjusted the values to our desire, double-check and then press the DEPOSIT button.
When you have gone through all of the transactions, you should have KASH-3Moon tokens in your wallet. To see them, just add them to your wallet using this address 0xC49Ba500A20B26D7A5407E22d7A7fC08E1E2f31A.
Last modified 1yr ago