Kronos DAO


The Kronos Dao's Launchpad (which is called KrunchPad), which will be the foundation for new projects that are being built.

Introducing KrunchPad

KrunchPad will serve as an incubator and launchpad for new protocols that seek to be bootstrapped with sustainable liquidity. Many launchpad projects do carry out the part where basic bootstrapping takes place. However, the governance token of each project often fails to preserve its value because of a severe liquidity drain.
KrunchPad begs to differ. Protocols on KrunchPad will be able to collaborate with Kronos DAO to create a variety of materials to help with their launch and have access to our Protocol-Owned-Liquidity as a Service offering, which will allow them to build liquidity for their projects in a much more sustainable manner. Moreover, developers of new projects will be able to not only tap into the Kronos DAO community by granting sKRNO holders unique IDO opportunities but also expand its holder basis with airdrop events.
sKRNO holders will be able to capture some sustainable values through KrunchPad since they will have early access to a selected list of forthcoming projects launching on the network. By participating in the incubation period, they will be able to obtain exclusive early investors' opportunities such as airdrops and IDOs.
KrunchPad is going to become the hub for protocols that seek to expand its audience not only within the Klaytn Chain but also across other chains as we are planning on turning KrunchPad into a multi-chain launchpad.

How to use KrunchPad

The KrunchPad provides the user with a suite of different bonds with which they can purchase multiple protocols' tokens, including KREDIT from Kairos Cash, at a discounted rate.
Read the following sections to read about how to get LP tokens:

How to Mint

1. After choosing an asset (in this case KREDIT-KLAY LP), enter the amount of LP tokens that you would like to supply. If you don't have the required LP token, you can click on the "Get KREDIT-KLAY LP" button to acquire them:
2. If this is your first mint, you need to approve the contract to spend your token first.
The "Approve" transaction is only needed when you purchase a bond for the first time; subsequent purchase of the same bond only requires you to perform the "Bond" transaction.
3. Then, you need to sign another transaction to actually mint. You will be quoted an equivalent amount of KREDIT in the "You will get" field:
Note: that the value of the LP provided cannot be smaller than 0.01LP.
5. Once the minting transaction is confirmed, you have successfully minted!

Can I mint the same asset more than once?

Half right and half wrong! Let’s take an example with KREDIT-KLAY. If you mint with a 10-day vesting term, you can mint with 30-day and 90-day vesting terms. But if you do another 10-day minting before the 10 days vesting term has ended, the first vesting period is reset and forfeit rewards.

Claim Rewards

  1. 1.
    Once you have minted, you will see the following information on the Claim page.
2. Click "Claim" to claim the minting rewards. When the transaction is confirmed, the claimed rewards should go to your wallet.
You can claim your rewards even is the minting is not fully vested. By clicking "Claim" for the mint that is still vesting, you forfeit your upcoming rewards.

Reading the Info - Mint

  • ROI(Return On Investment): The positive ROI mint rate means you get more tokens for the same amount of capital; while a negative ROI means you get less. ROI can turn negative when there is a hight demand for mints but purchasing a mint with negative ROI is not typically recommended.
  • TMV(Total Minted Value): The total amount of payout assets sold to the minters. It also represents the liquidity accrued by the protocol.
  • MINT Price: The price of KREDIT you get from minting. You can calculate the mint price using the following formulae:
  • Market Price: The market price of KREDIT.
  • Vesting Term: The period a minting action takes to fully redeem. This number is expressed in days.
  • Your Balance: Your balance of LP tokens or asset used to mint.
  • Max: The maximum amount of KREDIT available to be bought.
  • You Will Get tells you how many KREDIT tokens you will get from minting.