Kronos DAO

How to Mint

If you have followed the above steps, your wallet should be connected to Kronos DAO and you would have KRNO in your wallet.
❗️Note. Please be aware:
Minting can only be done once per pool. If you minted KDAI, you can't mint again until 5 days have passed! If you attempt minting, the previous reward will be lost and the minting duration will reset.

1. How to Mint

1) Go to the Kronos DAO website > Mint page.
2) To Mint, you need the listed tokens or LP above. For instance, in order to mint with KSD, you need to have KSD, and to mint with KDAI, you will need KDAI, and so on.
If you don't have the listed tokens above or LP, go to KLAYswap and buy one! You can access the below link😉
If you don't know how to make LP, check 'LP Pool Deposit'.
3) Select your type of choice of LP. Here is an example with KRNO-KDAI LP.
4) Then the below screen will show!
💥 Term explained:
  • MINT Price is the KRNO price you can earn when Minting. You can receive the discounted price of KRNO!
  • KRNO Price is the market price of KRNO.
  • Your Balance is the LP token balance after from minting.
  • You will Get is the amount of KRNO you can earn from minting.
  • Max You Can Buy is the maximum amount of KRNO you can buy.
  • Debt Ratio measures the total amount of KRNO generated by minting, and that has not yet been paid. This is the rate that Kronos DAO will repay!
  • Vesting Term measures how long it takes to make full repayment. The unit is in days.
  • Minimum Purchase is the minimum amount of KRNO you can mint.
5) Enter the amount you want to mint and press Approve!
  • Minting doesn't occur by just pressing 'Approve'. This is just a necessary step needed before minting. You also need gas fees to 'Approve'. Make sure you have enough KLAY in your wallet! 'Approve' step is only needed when you are FIRST minting. You don't have to go through this step further on.
6) Click 'Confirm'
7) Then the 'Approve' button should change to 'Mint'.
  • If you still see the 'Approve' sign, refresh the page(F5).
8) Press 'Mint'. Then press 'Confirm' from the pop-up page on your connected wallet.
9) Refresh the page, and the Mint page will change like the below. Don't be surprised that your Balance is 0.
Press 'Redeem'. Then you will find the screen like the below. Minting has been done!
10) Currently, there is no Auto-Stake in Kronos DAO. If you want to stake with minting rewards, you can 'Claim' at the time of the stake rebase!
<Rebase Time - Every 8 hours>
  • 06:04 UTC
  • 14:04 UTC
  • 22:04 UTC

2. How to make LP pool

Here is an example with KRNO-KDAI LP.
1) Go to [LP Deposit] in KLAYswap or just click the below link!
2) Check the Security cautions.
3) Then the below screen will show! You can make LP with the following:
  1. 1.
If you have KRNO and KDAI, click KDAI+KRNO. If you only have KDAI click KDAI, and if you only have KRNO, click KRNO.
4) Let's make KRNO+KDAI LP with KRNO.
a. Enter the amount of KRNO you want to make LP. Press 'Deposit'.
b. Then Click [Next Step > Confirm]
c. When the pop-up page show on your connected wallet, press 'Confirm'.
d. The below screen will show. Click 'Deposit' and you are all done!
e. You can find your transaction from [LP Deposit] in KLAYswap.