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Krust incubates innovative startups that are building the next generation of groundbreaking technology applications. It aims to creating innovation by helping these startups grow and achieve global expansion.
Krust invests in early and growth stage startups with global potential. In addition to investments, it also creates partnerships and facilitates the growth of these startups.
Krust leads Kakao’s global businesses with a focus on innovative technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. It is working closely with the Klaytn Foundation in the blockchain sector and aims to expand the Klaytn ecosystem.

Kairos Cash

Kairos Cash is a lending platform using interest-bearing tokens(ibTKNs) as collateral to borrow $KASH.
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eklipse is the first stableswap available on the Klaytn network. It was created to solve the problem of slippages and excessive fees arising from swaps between assets with the same value, such as USDT, USDC, and DAI. eklipse uses the ****governance token EKL ****for decentralized decision making.
eklipse aims to be the first decentralized exchange that provides liquidity when a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is issued in the future and become the most convenient decentralized platform for the public to easily use financial services in which future-tokenized fiat currencies are most actively traded.
It has partnered with Kronos DAO and Kairos Cash to provide sustainable stable coin liquidity, including $KASH, to the Klaytn chain.

i4i Finance

i4i Finance is a leading stableswap protocol for the Klaytn ecosystem, through which users - or other protocols - can exchange stablecoins with low slippage.
CP-AMM(Constant-product Automated Market Maker) protocols such as KlaySwap are useful for general-purpose liquidity providing and trading. However, when it comes to exchanging assets whose exchange rate is mostly stable - for example, USDT-DAI, KLAY-AKLAY -, their market-making algorithm becomes very inefficient. With CP-AMM Protocols, market takers always suffer from high slippage losses even if there’s a lot of liquidity provided to the pool.
i4i Finance offers low-slippage swaps between assets with stable swap rates - such as exchanges between USDC and USDT. Since a stableswap’s price adjustment mechanism, compared to that of CP-AMM, depends lesser on the arbitragers, the extra margin benefits the liquidity providers and traders.


Ozys is a blockchain company that launched the DEX Allbit and interchain Orbit-chain.
Orbit-chain is a multi-asset blockchain that stores, transfers, and verifies information and assets which exist on various public blockchains through decentralized Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC).
As our team promised, Kronos DAO will collaborate with Klayswap to develop the DeFi ecosystem and expand our ecosystem through the Orbit bridge.

Kokoa Finance

Kokoa Finance is a crypto-asset-backed stablecoin platform where users can borrow KSD stablecoin against crypto assets without paying any nominal cost.


Hotbit is a cryptocurrency trading platform that provides trading services among major digital currencies.
KRNO is listed on Hotbit.

GAIA Protocol

Gaia Protocol is a PFP NFT project project on Klaytn that combines DeFi 2.0 and NFT. 50% of the minting fee is staked on Kronos DAO, and the autocompounding interest is distributed to NFT holders. The team is consisted of very experienced members, including a developer of the Doge Sound Club.
Kronos DAO aims to expand our collaboration with NFT projects by providing DeFi infrastructure.


ClaimSwap is an AMM-based DEX on Klaytn. The ClaimSwap team aims to provide a more user-friendly protocol. Just as the Uniswap-Sushiswap case, it looks forward to boosting the overall ecosystem.
Kronos DAO will work with ClaimSwap to further develop the Klaytn DeFi ecosystem.


Swapscanner is a next-generation DEX Aggregator that enables users to buy tokens at the lowest price in the Klaytn Network. Just as Skyscanner has become the largest website in the world where people can compare airline tickets, Swapscanner aims to become the largest exchange for users on the Klaytn Network.
Kronos DAO will work with Swapscanner to further develop the Klaytn DeFi ecosystem.


Klaytn Name Service(KNS) allows users to map their Klaytn wallet address with a simple and unique domain like “kns.klay”. KSN will be integrate with various Klaytn services including wallets and DeFi products, empowering users’ identity on Klaytn.
Kronos DAO will utilize KNS to effectively expand our ecosystem as well as provide DeFi infrastructure to KNS.

Kracker Labs

Kracker is a Web3 project investor dedicated to promote DeFi business on Klaytn ecosystem. It has a strong partnership with both Krust and the Klaytn Foundation.
Kracker Labs provides onboarding support and investment for early teams and is a member of the Klaytn Governance Council.
Kronos DAO has received the help of Kracker Labs since our partnership with Krust.


KlayDice is a P2E (Play to Earn) version of 'DICAST: Rules of Chaos' and has been released through Google and the IOS market. The project connects the rapidly growing virtual worlds (P2E games, SNS, metaverse, etc.) into one world using the KlayDice NFT.
DICE serves as a key currency within the various KLAYDICE game ecosystems.
Kronos DAO will provide DeFi infrastructure including IDO, staking, and farming to KlayDice. We will also expand our DeFi ecosystem to KlayDice’s metaverse, Klay Town.


QiDao allows you to borrow stablecoins (tokens pegged to $1) at 0% interest, without selling your crypto. MAI is a stablecoin backed by collateral, and can only be minted with this collateral backing it. MAI is created when users deposit accepted tokens as collateral in vaults and in turn receive a loan against that collateral. MAI is one of the most crosschain assets in DeFi and can easily be swapped for other stablecoins and tokens.
Kronos DAO and QiDao will work together to expand the DeFi ecosystem on Polygon.


Meshswap is a unique autonomous finance protocol that provides various revenue generation opportunities such as Swap, Lend, Leverage farm, and Stake on the Polygon network. Meshswap has a structure that combines the AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX business model prevalent in the DeFi ecosystem with the uniqueness of Multichain Economy and autonomous MESH inflation distribution by MESH stakers.